April 20, 2011

Leading the Cavalry

This post is brought to you by sunshine and delicious cheesecake.

A few of you may have read my recent posts on deciding which achievement to aim for next, and the decision I made. Well, I have some good news:

I hit that 50 mount total last night and finally got Leading the Cavalry, complete with Reins of the Albino Drake! Not one to do things inefficiently the 50th mount I acquired was the Armored Brown Bear...which comes with its own achievement.

The next achievement I'm going to pick up is a small 10-pointer called Well Read. I'm having a bit of a bookworm phase at the moment so it strikes a chord! Despite not being a flashy achievement it'll take a fair bit of travel and searching to find and read them all, so I'll be posting a guide to their locations (with tips on reaching them if needed) once I've completed it.

What are you working towards lately?


  1. YAY! A guide for the book reading! Good luck on that and when you post it, I'll be your biggest fan. The Well Read achievement is kinda a pain in the ass lol.

  2. Yep! There's the comments on Wowhead and similar places, but it's a hassle however you look at it.

  3. Well Read is one of my favourite achievements. Good luck!

    Thottbot has some very good posts giving precise directions on how to do it. However, I doubt that it has been updated for Cataclysm, assuming that there have been any changes to the location of the books.

  4. I'm an achievement junkie myself and am just finishing up (after a long grind) the Loremaster, having just one zone, Icecrown, left to complete. I thought I would begin work on "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" this weekend as well; I've done little in terms of seasonal achievements.

  5. Ah, Thottbot. I'll be visiting there too, not needed to for ages. Thanks Fannon!

    Wow ooga, congratulations in advance on getting Loremaster! Good luck with Noblegarden, it's one of the easier ones to complete by the looks of it and the titles/rewards are a nice bonus :)