April 08, 2011

A mixed bag of achievements!

A blog called Achievements Ahoy should probably have a little content on achievements, right? Right? So here is a round-up of the achievements I have earnt in the last 3 weeks:

King of Dire Maul - obtained while going after Runn Tum Tuber Surprise for the Iron Chef achievement, which I can't get until more recipes are released. Curse my late introduction to the game/the 25k cost of recipes that aren't available anymore.
Got My Mind On My Money - raid trash runs are useful if you're not far short of the 5,000g mark.
The Guardians of Hyjal
One Hump Or Two? - two more mounts towards Leading the Cavalry! For those who don't know, this is my current goal ^.^
Heroic: Blackrock Caverns
Heroic: Deadmines
Bullet Time - I really contributed nothing to this, apart from my normal role in dungeons. We stood in a cheeky place while the melee took care of it - I'll try and get a screenshot of it next time I'm there.
Ready for Raiding - an immensely fun achievement that's easy to get. Stay on the outside and run just behind the Fire Wall. Sophisticated directional diagram ahoy:
Really, it's ridiculously simple. This diagram is completely unnecessary!
Cataclysm Dungeon Hero
Pit Lord Argaloth - the first big guild thing we've done together and one we enjoyed a lot. No PvE loot but the achievement made up for it!

They're a mixed bag, to be sure. I haven't been chasing any of these with intent, as I'm still focused on Leading the Cavalry at the moment. After becoming exalted with Ironforge, the dwarves of that grand city have granted me the right to ride their rams and 6 more mounts are now happily stabled in a secret location...

What achievements have you added to your list lately?

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