April 14, 2011

WoW Blogging Challenge, Day 04 - Your best WoW memory

This post is part of the WoW Blogging Challenge! Originally inspired by Saga at Spellbound.


I think it's pretty traditional to list more than one favourite here, but I don't want to ramble on about everything I've ever enjoyed in the game. Short and sweet, here they are:

  • My first raiding attempt
    Last week Discombobulated paid a visit to Magmaw for the first time. It was also the first time that most of us had ever been in a 10-man group that was having a go at current content and we LOVED IT! He got the better of us many times, but we're heading back for another go tomorrow. I hadn't thought I was missing out on much except gear by not raiding once I hit 80 but now I've tried it at 85 I've realised that there's a whole other facet of the game waiting for me (and I am really excited about that).
  • The formation of our guild
    The core of Discombobulated was formed from people who were together in our old guild but not entirely at home there. A chance whisper to my pocket tank one day changed all that - it turns out we all felt the same, had the same issues and wanted something new. We made our apologies and created the guild I'm in today. It's been an absolute blast starting our own guild and I can't imagine I'd still be enjoying the game as much if we hadn't done so. I owe my success in Cataclysm to my guildmates <3 you all!
  • The first time I flew, back in Outland
    It might sound rubbish but I remember being shocked at how different the world was from above when you could control where you went. Every time I fly over a new place I have to make a circling detour to check it out. When they allowed flight in/over cities after the Cataclysm I must have spent a good 15 minutes flying about over Stormwind and landing on all the high towers to check out the views ^.^ of course, I levelled a druid...Flight Form had a big influence on my love of being airborne!
So there you have it, three of my favourite memories from my time playing WoW. They aren't epic tales of 40-man vanilla raiding or downing the Lich King for the first time but they're things that I will always remember fondly.

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  1. My first extended cut scene, followed by the taking back of Undercity with Lady Sylvannas and Hellscream. One Sunday morning, after having already played for months, the game blew my mind.

  2. The Wrathgate cutscene did that for me :) thanks for dropping by!