April 04, 2011

WoW Blogging Challenge, Day 01 – Introduce Yourself

Having missed the start of Saga's 20-day WoW blogging challenge, I was happy to see that Gina at Healbot has decided to set the challenge again. Grab a cuppa and I'll get started...

My character's name is Aralosseien and my real name is Charlotte. I'm 24 and I live in Leeds, UK with my partner, who plays my pocket tank (protection warrior). We've both been hooked on WoW since January 2010 - a Sunday whim to sign up for a 2-week trial got us lured right into Azeroth and we haven't wanted to leave since. I should confess; I did try Rift the other day, to form my own educated opinion. The winner with flying colours is WoW, even accounting for time spent and lack of familiarity with Rift.

I'm a slight altoholic but I only have Aralosseien at 85. My shaman is at 45 now, which is the most I've ever levelled an alt, so you might hear more about her in the future. The last two months have been a lot of fun, as for the first time I feel I'm really playing the balance spec well, and my guild, Discombobulated, has started to raid, which is a new side of the endgame for many of us. I'm a bit hermit-like, in and out of the game, so I don't tend to PuG much, but I do love my guildies - we're very close knit because there are couples and real life friends woven into the social fabric.

While I have loads more to say I'll stop there, as looking ahead at the schedule anything else I may have added has its own separate day allocated already. Thanks for reading all the way down to here! Hopefully I can keep up with the pace over the next few weeks. I'm hoping to follow other people as they do this, so please leave a link to your blog for me if you're taking part and you don't mind me trundling over to say hello ^.^

Next Challenge post - Why you decided to start a blog


  1. Great to see more people join the challenge :)

    I can recognise the hermit-like that you mention, I never quite feel comfortable joining PUGs. I always prefer to play with people from my guild and friends. I sometimes feel like I should PUG more though since it'd give me more JP and Valor points, but I just don't want to alone *lol*

  2. Thanks! It was nice to realise that although I'd missed the start, it wasn't a faux pas to join in late ^^

    I am seriously behind on VP gear because I don't PUG, but I don't yet care enough to do it. Had a couple too many bad ones, which seems to be common at the moment. I've never been around for the start of an expansion, so I'm still hoping it'll get a bit friendlier!