January 26, 2012

Weeks 2 & 3: Slowly But Surely

So...there was no Bucket List update last week. I didn't get much alting time and I didn't feel like working on Loremaster. I was lazy, frankly, but it's my list so I can procrastinate if I want!

This week I'm enjoying having a big list to choose activities from and it's definitely making my in-game time more fun. Don't feel like end-game content for another night? Level one of my lowbies a bit. Don't have the energy to quest? Work on a profession. When all else fails, my flower-picking Death Knight gets sent to uproot those herbs and hack bits of ore out of rocks, mailing countless stacks of materials through the ether and into the hands of my professioning alts who store it in rapidly-overflowing banks for later on.

Before the list those alts were there, in the back of my mind, but didn't seem worth the effort despite the fact that I'd like a stable of level 85 characters covering all professions before Mists hits. Now I have the will to work on them and it's making me happier out of game too - days without a clear purpose really drag my mood downwards.

What I've achieved in the last two weeks:
  • Aralosseien now has 7385 a/p
  • Shiden hit level 50!
  • Wildlight went from level 22 to 26, and got Engineering up from 100 to 135

Getting Shiden, my draenei shaman to 50 is long overdue. She's still wearing a few pieces of leather +int gear so I have my fingers crossed that some questing will replace those as the AH is bereft of level 50-60 +int mail.

Wildlight hit 26 so quickly I barely saw it happening. The OH did boost me through Blackfathom Deeps after a disastrous attempt via LFD but I think that 4 heirlooms and the perks of a level 25 guild are going to zoom me through content at a furious rate. I did toy with the idea of taking them off to see more of the zones but if I'm going to go for Loremaster on Ara I'm happy to save the lore surprises for her.

More importantly, Wildlight made her first pair of goggles - a snazzy pink pair!

I think I might have sparked a goggles addiction.


  1. Those look like the spectracles i'm wearing since i left my gear in the bank in anticipation of going to ironforge to visit the elder there.

  2. They're a snazzy pair, for sure!

  3. Those are sexy glasses, they match well with your clothes.

  4. Goggles are soo much fun! The 359 goggles + cogwheels made the transition from fresh 85 to heroic dungeon ready a bit easier (not a whole lot of +int mail helms :/)

    Very snazzy, indeed!

  5. Thanks Navi! :D

    Thanks Lizzia! I'm essited about making 359 goggles, and then mogging them onto EVERYTHING. I had to pay ~300g to mog those onto the heirloom head and it was so worth it.

  6. Whoa. I wonder if i can use my Specratcles to mog.

  7. I did loremaster back before they had details available for each zone... but the OCD in me wants to do it again (for the individual zone achs). Wish they had a secondary title. I could be Avadonja the Super Insane Loremaster or something equally fabulous.
    Dig the goggles.
    I'm working on a hunter I've had for 5 years just floating in lvl 20ish limbo. Just got her to 65. Woot for me. :)

  8. @Ooga - You can! I did, even at level 28 :)

    @Avadonja - Hey there, thanks for your comment Ava :) I think the title would definitely have to include the word Insane in it if you did Loremaster again. The 1-60 zones are different now though, so maybe it wouldn't be so crazy! I've just started dabbling in hunters and they're great fun, I hope you get her to 85.

  9. I've never liked the look of the veil I'm wearing as head gear but I'm waiting because a new head piece should be just around the corner.

    As far as Loremaster I did it before Cata, thought about going back and doing the individual zones for the achievements and decided I'm not that batty. Loremaster is a little easier now that you don't have to dig for the quests in gawd forsaken places but it's still a long time consuming drag.

  10. It's only ever a short time until the next, isn't it :) I'm looking forward to Loremaster but I know there'll be moments where I'm pulling my hair out , stuck in a zone for 100+ quests.

  11. Update: Spectracles can't be used to mog; probably because they are a special item :(

  12. Are Spectracles these? http://www.wowhead.com/item=67108
    That's a shame if so! :(