January 06, 2012

Cataclysm Bucket List

Cynwise wrote a great post on CFN yesterday - a bucket list of things he wants to do during the rest of the Cataclysm expansion. I'm a bit resistant to January-inspired resolutions as if New Year grants you some mystical power to hold true to your course, but this was less grandiose, more practical and just generally motivating to read. So. There are things I've been wanting to do since I started playing WoW and other goals that are a little younger. Just for fun, here's my Cataclysm/2012 bucket list! (It's been copied to a permanent page for posterity and kept up-to-date there!)


  • Level one of each character to 85
    • Druid - 85
    • Paladin - 85
    • Death Knight - 80
    • Shaman - 49
    • Mage - 25 and 13
    • Priest - 22
    • Rogue -7
    • Hunter - 6
    • Warlock - 6
    • Warrior - need to roll one
  • Level each profession up to 525
    • Alchemy - 525
    • Tailoring - 525
    • Jewelcrafting - 525
    • Mining - 525
    • Herbalism - 525
    • Blacksmithing - 520
    • Skinning - 333
    • Leatherworking - 241
    • Enchanting - 220
    • Inscription - 147
    • Engineering - 100
  • Make one character an actual bank alt with a guild bank to use
  • Try healing on all four healing classes (and in both healing priest specs!)

I've wanted one of each character since I opened the character creation screen for the first time. Sure, there are some that don't appeal as much. I'm a ranged girl at heart because melee confuses and scares me (how on earth do you know what's going on in the middle of all that kerfuffle?!) and lots of ranged DPS classes have a healing tree too. There's also a reason I've played enough melee to reach this conclusion - paladins need a ranged dps spec!

Having one of each profession at 525 is partly a completionest tendency shining through and partly my compulsion to needlessly update gear that will be replaced in 3 levels. Plus, engineering sounds like fun. Half of the difficulty will be deciding which professions suit which classes the best for those that aren't already maxed. I might swap some around and start afresh.

Specific character goals (click images to see in giganto size!):

Aralosseien (druid)
  • Reach 8k achievement points (7365 right now)
  • Complete Loremaster

Luíseach (paladin)

  • Finish putting together a 378+ Ret gear set
  • Design + collect a mogging outfit for holy spec
  • Max Blacksmithing

Morríghan (death knight)
  • Level to 85
  • Put together a 378+ set of DPS gear

Shiden (shaman)
  • Level to 85
  • Max leatherworking
  • Max skinning
  • Put together 378+ sets of Elemental & Resto gear
  • Heal each Cataclysm heroic at least once

Lóthwen (mage)
  • Level to 85
  • Max Inscription
  • Design + collect a mogging set
  • Get to Honored with guild to finish Classy Night Elves achievement 

Wildlight (priest)
  • Level to 85
  • Max Enchanting
  • Max Engineering
  • Design + collect a mogging set
  • Heal each Cataclysm heroic at least once

    Swiftfeather (hunter)
    • Level to 85

    Sinuosity (rogue)
    • Level to 85

    Neferne (warlock)
    • Reroll (probably rename) as worgen/dwarf
    • Level to 85
    • Get to Honored with guild to contribute to Classy Worgen/Classy Dwarf achievement
    To be rolled!
    • Warrior - female gnome - spec Fury, become dual-wielding bundle of death

    It looks like a really, really big list. It is! 2012 is a year where I'd like to work more on non-gaming hobbies too, but I'm hopeful that I can get a lot of these goals ticked off before Mists throws me back into the rush of a new expansion.

    How about you? What will you try and achieve in-game?


    1. You go girl!

      Remember, when MoP comes out there will be a whole new race/class and continent to level through. So don't become too burned out before then :)

      Also, I think I'm a melee person at heart. Been playing ranged (Hunter) for a year now. I just feel so distant(*feel the pun*) from the epic battle XD

      Also, I want to see this gnome warrior you speak of. GoGo create!

      - Jamin

    2. Aaaaaahhhh, that pun hit like a brick! ;)

      I'll hopefully have enough out-of-game and SWTOR time that I'll avoid the burnout but I shall be careful of course. The gnome warrior should be getting made this weekend - my current bank alt is a level 13 mage, so I need to transfer EVERYTHING to another lowbie alt before I can make space for it! I hope Blizzard do increase the server caps for Mists, or one of these 85s will have to be cruelly culled...

    3. I usually fail at this kind of new years resolutions, so this year I made things simpler, just want to level another Toon to 85 and reach 500k gold.
      You whit this all have lots of work out there good luck, and have fun doing it.

    4. Thank you :)
      Those are very reachable goals - good luck! I could never set a goal like 500k, I'm terrible at in-game AH.

    5. Its not that hard you just need patience, and give people what they need when the need it. =)

    6. I think I am always so busy doing these other things, that I don't know or have what they need ^^

    7. Wow Ara, you sure have some goals! Don't burn yourself out, chica. My only goals going forward in WoW are to level professions as I level on every alt - grinding 1-525 at max level is hateful; and to quest at least a bit in every available zone. I'm a dreadful instance-leveller, and ought not to be!

      Oh yeah, and to have fun, and get an EU cross-realm raid going ^_^

    8. I don't know where you find the time. I have one 85 (my namesake a mage,) and I have an 82 rogue I don't play. I'm currently leveling a gobbo hunter, which I love and intend to make my 2nd 85.

      As far as goals my intent as been to finish "long strange trip" which will be in february assuming no massive fail, then ? (maybe try SWTOR until mists.)

    9. Committing to goals by writing them down and sharing them with other people is half the battle. If you start to lose steam, your twitter family is a huge source of encouragement. We're great cheerleaders! :)

    10. I really do wish Blogger had reply-enabled comments!

      Olivia - I know, right? I'll doubtless not quite make it but I won't beat myself up over it. It ties in to my personal resolution to make my time spent on anything count, so hopefully it'll encourage me to do things in-game and not alt-tab out in Stormwind for 3 hours...I know exactly what you mean about professions and alts, I'll be trying to do mine the same way!
      EU classic raid times beckon, indeed ^.^

      Ooga - I might well not find it at all! Glad to hear that you've found another class to enjoy and level. LST is a giant achievement - I'm hopefully finishing it on Ara this February like you, I'm sure we'll do it! SWTOR is great fun, thoroughly recommend it.

      Lilpeanut - You're right and this is why I've shot myself in the foot by posting the list here ;) I often need a bit of a gentle shove! The Twitter signal will go out every now and then I'm sure.

    11. Oh I love it! I did one of these towards the end of Wrath and it really helped give me a kind of direction. :)
      May have to steal the idea!

    12. Go for it! If you do, let me know and I'll link it on my bucket list page - there are some others there that might inspire you further :)