August 25, 2011

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! Or, How I Handled Many Whelps

I was frolicking through UBRS the other day, attuning myself to the Orb of Command so I could get into Blackwing Lair quicker to farm my Tier 2 pieces. (Pro tip: attuning yourself and then trying to get friends in via Have Group, Will Travel does not work. It looks like you all have to be attuned to use the Orb. Can anyone confirm/deny this?)

Of course, I found myself in The Rookery and just couldn't resist the lure of a new title! My memory is clouded by the haze of recklessness that descended, but I believe it went roughly like this:

Kill patrols. Go Bear Form, trample all the eggs. Realise that there are many, many whelps. Panic slightly. Shift into Moonkin form, hit Barkskin, Starfall + Hurricane. Flail wildly at the many whelps that aren't dead. Drink a health potion, Hurricane and cross fingers. Get achievement! Breathe large sigh of relief.

Did you pick up this title on purpose, or did you stumble into doing it accidentally like I did?


  1. Only got it on one of my characters and it was a planned attempt with guildies will be trying again soon on my Pally I think

  2. Mine was sorta accidental - I was running UBRS numerous times before the Shattering to get my Dungeon Set 1 pieces (for the upgrade quests) and decided to pick this title up along the way! =P

  3. I got this achievement unknowingly also XD

    - Jamin

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who did it purely because they were there!