August 29, 2011

Hunt for Tier Gear: Tier 1, Week 2

We frolicked through Molten Core again this week and I was lucky enough to pick up the Tier 1 hands and legs for my druid! 2 pieces down, 6 to go. I also managed to keep my pocket warrior happy with another two pieces of his Tier 1 set. Clicky on this link to see the full list of what dropped for us this week. We've decided to stockpile the materials that we're looting in an alt bank so that we can craft older epics for ourselves or guildmates once 4.3 hits - there is some great-looking craftable gear which still needs these older components.

Have you been running Molten Core at all, or any of the older raid content? Have you had any luck with drops yet? Let me know below!


  1. I'm looking to hunt for the Rift Stalker set for hunters :)

    - Jamin

  2. Can I pick your brains? I have a level 73 Shaman that I'm neglecting in Northrend! Excuse the stupid question - I'm totally not knowledgeable about raiding but would like to get Tier 1 stuff. Could I raid Molten Core with her & how many people would I need? Is it easy to get groups together from chat?

  3. Hey bravetank - of course you can! I can solo MC in T12-ready gear, but at 73 I think you might need to take a few people. Possibly 4-6? If you can take any 85 friends, maybe less :)
    Not sure how easy it would be to put together a group by chat on your server, but I've noticed that people are very much up for going and I've seen a few calls for older raids in my servers world chat channels. You should be able to find people if you put out the call!
    Let me know how it goes - it would be great to know if you need more/less people at mid-70s level :)