August 18, 2011


By now, you've all heard about patch 4.3 and the new features it's adding to the game. A raid with Deathwing in and some new 5-mans - no more trollroics? YES! - is definitely exciting. Personally, the thing I'm most excited about is Transmogrification - the ability to give your existing gear the outward appearance of other gear you own, as long as it's the same armor class or weapon type. This heralds an end to uniform appearance at certain levels and will allow those of us who like the look of older/lower-level gear to customise our outfits! The addition of Void Storage, 80 slots of extra non-bank space for your armor and weapons, is the icing on the cake.

You might think I'd be quite bitter about this, as I spend most of my active time in giant laser chicken form. I won't deny that it took a little of the sparkle out of the news, but I spend all my downtime out of form. Seriously, the moment my UI reloads after a hearth? POOF, night elf again. So you won't find me kvetching about the change.

What you will find soon is the first post in my 'Hunt for Tier Gear' series. I'm planning to make my way through old content, starting right back in Molten Core and collecting as many of the old druid tier sets as I can. I'll be detailing which pieces make up each tier along with where they drop or where to buy them from. For those of you who multi-task on everything in WoW (we are many, and I salute you) I'll also note if there is a reputation you can grind at the same time, any achievements you could pick up and details of the legendaries you could obtain!

First up will be Tier 1, which drops from bosses in Molten Core. It's certainly a quicker way to see Ragnaros nowadays!


  1. Glad to see some more enthusiasm, like me, around the topic of Transmogrification! Though, as I will expand upon, being a druid, and such, does indeed take the 'sparkle' a little.

    However, I really look forward to your upcoming series!

    - Jamin

  2. Thanks Jamin! I shall keep my eyes peeled for your thoughts on this too. I definitely, definitely think it's a great change. So much fun to be had ^.^

  3. Your quest for pretty past tier gear makes my Death Knight sad ='(

  4. No, don't be sad! :(

    We need to get your warlock some Tier 5 (see here: and Tier 6 (see here: Your Tier 6 had wings! Badass. That'll cheer you up!