April 05, 2012

Noblegarden 2012 - Rabbits Revisited

This year, Noblegarden is running from Sunday 8th - Saturday 14th April. Are you a Noblegarden noob? Fear not, intrepid achievement hunters! If you need a guide to Noblegarden, click here for my 2011 guide!

The achievements which make up the meta haven't changed this year, but a new reward has been added: Swift Springstrider can be yours for the low, low price of 500 chocolates*. It also has a small chance to drop from eggs! Let's see how that affects the total number of chocolates you'll need to farm:

Noblegarden Egg (5 chocolates)
Blossoming Branch (10 chocolates)
White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants (25 chocolates each)
Spring Robes (50 chocolates)
Spring Flowers (50 chocolates)
Spring Rabbit's Foot (100 chocolates)
Chocoholic achievement (100 chocolates)
Swift Springstrider mount (500 chocolates)

That would be a total of  865 chocolates! Madness! Don't panic though. Almost all of the items you need to buy will drop for you while you're gathering the chocolatey currency. In 2011, this is what dropped for me while I was egg-hunting:

5 Blossoming Branches
3 White Tuxedo Shirts
Black Tuxedo Pants
Spring Robes
2 Spring Flowers
3 Spring Rabbit's Feet

As you can see, all I needed in the end were 5 chocolates for the Noblegarden Egg and 100 more for the Chocoholic achievement. Don't hold me to it, but I predict you won't need more than 605 chocolates this year, and that's for a character completing all achievements and wanting the mount in the same year (in which case we are kindred spirits, you and I). Keep a running total of how many chocolates you still need as things start dropping for you, and don't buy anything until you have enough chocolates to cover everything that hasn't/can't!

Good luck, and Happy Noblegarden!

*All credit to Allison Robert at WoW Insider for my knowledge of that change! Her Noblegarden 2012 guide is extremely good and you should go read it too.


  1. I love the seasonal stuff in wow! I wasn't able to play much for the easter stuff this year :(

  2. I trying to shake my spring flowers on a female over level 18 for the "Shake your Bunny-Maker" achievment but it's not working....any ideas?

  3. Sorry to hear that, Anthony! :(

  4. Hi Anon - it won't work if they're already wearing bunny ears (I think), so make sure you're targeting characters that don't already have that buff. The other thing to watch out for is the cooldown, as it's quite long at 5 minutes! If you've already thought of both those and it's still not working, let me know!

  5. Heehee, we used the same NPC for our Noblegarden pics :D

  6. :O a Rioriel comment! /fangirls

    Pretty sure you put more effort into your screenshot than I did mine, too :D