March 22, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I'm in a pickle. My favourite achievements are the big ones, the ones where I can write a list, sort by zone/faction/etc, and work my way through. But there are so many! Do I go for Leading the Cavalry? Or maybe Lil' Game Hunter? What about The Limnologist or The Oceanographer? Don't even get me started on rep grinds, and the achievements for those.

Of course, friends tell me that I have better things to do, and ask when I'm going to get Archaeology levelled for the guild achievement? I like to point to their untrained Archaeology skills and raise an eyebrow silently, but that's normally ruined by my night elf bouncing comically...

How do you decide which achievement to work towards next? Do you just flit between things, and let them complete in due course?


  1. Lead the Cavalry. Definitely. It is it's own reward unlike the others, and it's a lot of achievements rolled into one- you can get some obscure reps done in the process, get Ambassador, partway through Diplomat, etc. There are many different things to do within the one achievement, so it certainly isn't boring. And what's more cool than having so many awesome mounts to choose from?

    I'm at 82, by the way >:D

  2. Nice to hear your thoughts, Kaleesh. A few guildies have said similar things, so I think I may have to bow to the collective wisdom now!
    I'm assuming 82 archaeology? I'm at 410, and have run out of willpower again >.<

  3. Decisions indeed! I’ve got to make a to-do list as well, if I at all hope to reach my goal of 8000 a/p by the end of 2011. The good thing is that a lot of achievements can actually be used in favour of others e.g. rep grinds often offer rewards such as pets and mounts when you reach exalted status.

    As for Archeology, I started out doing it simply because I had to (much like fishing .___.) but then over time I kind of grew attached to the whole business (Stockholm’s Syndrome, me thinks!) What really had me hooked on archeology was when I started listening to podcasts, and thus could do both at the same time = win/win.

    Either way, good luck with your achievement hunting! (:

  4. I have a notebook full of scribbled lists, set out by faction, with numbers and notes all over the place in coloured pens. Had far too much fun starting it (who doesn't love starting a fresh notebook of scribbles?)
    Podcasts + archaeology = idea to consider. Thanks! And good luck with that 8000 a/p ^.^