November 24, 2011

IntPiPoMo: Differences

I've always loved the small details that help me feel immersed when I'm travelling around. Cities feel different and I think it's the effort that designers have put into details that make this happen.

L-R: Exodar, Darnassus, Ironforge (Tinker Town), Ironforge, Stormwind

I think the most obvious difference is the mailboxes - you use them so often you can't fail to notice. They're all influenced by the architecture and attitude of the races they belong to. Oddly, the more 'prominent' races have flag devices on theirs, with gnomes and draenei using more nondescript mailboxes.

Stormwind, Ironforge (The Great Forge) and the Exodar

Forges differ from city to city as well, but not as much. The squat, solid stone forge is used in both Stormwind and Darnassus - I've always wondered why the older night elf race don't have their own style of forge. It's possible that the humans copied theirs but I feel like the night elves' forges would have looked more decorative and ornate. The Great Forge in Ironforge is actually two giant pools of magma, one each side of the central bridge and an impressive sight when you visit for the first time! Exodar forges have typically draenic purple crystals - are these decorative or heat-generating?

Exodar, Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind

Finally the lights in each city, noticed less now people can fly straight overhead. I think they reflect the races they belong to well - the Exodar and Darnassus lights are magical whilst those of Ironforge and Stormwind seem to generate more of an earthly light.

Gladly at The Ready Check has done a great Horde roundup of differences! Check it out!

November 22, 2011

4.3 Holy Paladin Gear List

If you've ever taken a look at my 'About' page, you'll know that I sometimes moonlight as a holy paladin. The heals are just so sparkly! With 4.3 and the Raid Finder coming up I've decided to gear my paladin up as a viable raid healer, in case a druid healer is not what my guild needs on a boss. I really enjoy being a healadin too! Possibly more than druid healing but that's a post for another day.

Luíseach is quite poorly geared so I'll be after VP gear and drops from the three news 5-mans - two 378 weapons and a shield? Hell yes! - before I move onto LFR and hopefully guild 10-mans. I will be following a Intellect > Haste => Spirit > Crit/Mastery priority system which means I'll reforge from crit/mastery to spirit on any gear that doesn't have spirit already and reforge from crit/mastery to haste on any gear without haste. I thought I'd share the pre-Heroic gear that's out there waiting for us in case it's a helpful resource for other healadins :)

Items are in rough order of item level but aren't ranked in any other way and all drops are from bosses in Dragon Soul unless otherwise specified. I've also included the two Blacksmithing craftables you could acquire although the recipes are raid drops so you may need to hunt for someone who can create these for you!

If you're looking for more information after this, Kurn's Corner has some in-depth commentary on the 397 items which will also apply to LFR 384 items and Healbot also has a purely 397 list. Over at WoW Insider there's a good discussion of which upgrades to aim for and on the MMO-Champion forums is a handy list of suitable gear ordered from 384 to 416.

This list has been updated with live 4.3 details now but as always, if I've missed anything or you have any suggestions please drop me a comment! Thanks to WoW Insider for the link! <3

Helm of Power - Minor Cache of the Aspects, Well of Eternity
Headguard of Radiant Glory -T13 token (LFR), Warmaster Blackhorn
Headguard of Radiant Glory - T13 token, Warmaster Blackthorn

Petrified Fungal Heart - Morchok (LFR)

Pauldrons of Conviction - Archbishop Benedictus, Hour of Twilight
Mantle of Radiant Glory - T13 token (LFR), Hagara the Stormbinder
Mantle of Radiant Glory - T13 token, Hagara the Stormbinder

Cloak of Subtle Light - Asira Dawnslayer, Hour of Twilight
Drapes of the Dragonshrine - BoE trash drop, Hour of Twilight

Breastplate of Despair - BoE trash drop, End Time
Breastplate of Radiant Glory - T13 token (LFR), Ultraxion
Breastplate of Radiant Glory - T13 token, Ultraxion

Heartblood Wristplates - Yor'sahj the Unsleeping (LFR)
Heartblood Wristplates - Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
Soul Redeemer Bracers - Blacksmithing (BoE)

Gloves of Radiant Glory - T13 token (LFR), Warlord Zon'ozz
Gauntlets of the Golden Thorn - Spine of Deathwing (LFR)
Gloves of Radiant Glory - T13 token, Warlord Zon'ozz
Gauntlets of the Golden Thorn - Spine of Deathwing

Waistguard of Lost Time - Echo of Baine/Jaina/Sylvanas/Tyrande, End Time
Dragonfracture Belt - Ultraxion (LFR)
Girdle of Soulful Mending - BoE trash drop, normal mode Dragon Soul 

Time Altered Legguards - Murozond's Temporal Cache, End Time
Greaves of Radiant Glory - T13 token (LFR), Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil - Blacksmithing (BoE)
Greaves of Radiant Glory - T13 token, Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

Pillarfoot Greaves - Morchok (LFR)
Silver Sabatons of Fury - 1650 VP (BoE)

Horned Band - Peroth'arn, Well of Eternity
Ring of the Riven - Hagara the Stormbinder (LFR)
Signet of Suturing - All Bosses Except Deathwing (LFR)
Ring of the Riven - Hagara the Stormbinder
Signet of Suturing - All Bosses Except Deathwing

Foul Gift of the Demon Lord - Minor Cache of the Aspects, Well of Eternity
Seal of the Seven Signs - Warlord Zon'ozz (LFR)
Windward Heart - All Bosses Except Deathwing (LFR)
Heart of Unliving - Spine of Deathwing (LFR)
Bottled Wishes - 1650 VP
Reflection of the Light - 1650 VP
Seal of the Seven Signs - Warlord Zon'ozz
Windward Heart - All Bosses Except Deathwing
Heart of Unliving - Spine of Deathwing

Crescent Moon - Echo of Tyrande, End Time
Scepter of Azshara - Royal Cache, Well of Eternity
Vagaries of Time - Morchok (LFR)
Maw of the Dragonlord - Madness of Deathwing (LFR)
Maw of the Dragonlord - Madness of Deathwing

Ward of Incantations - Echo of Jaina, End Time
Timepiece of the Bronze Flight - Warmaster Blackhorn (LFR)
Timepiece of the Bronze Flight - Warmaster Blackhorn
NB: Timepiece of the Bronze Flight has been hotfixed and now has one red socket with a +10 Int bonus. Change is not showing on in-game tooltips yet.

Demonic Skull - Quest: The Path to the Dragon Soul, Well of Eternity
Ledger of Revolting Rituals - Ultraxion (LFR)
Dragonfire Orb - BoP trash drop, normal mode Dragon Soul


November 18, 2011

Pilgrim's Bounty 2011

Autumn is here! In theory, that would mean vibrant colours on the trees, crisp blue skies and switching my drinks preference from refrigerated coke to hot chocolates. In Leeds, it's meant lots of slippery leaves on the dark walk home, constant grey skies for weeks and consequently not enough sunlight to keep my half-plant system running. Pilgrim's Bounty starts on Sunday 20th November though and I need 4 more achievements to get my <Pilgrim> title. Not to mention the adorable turkey pet I missed out on last year.

There are 9 achievements per faction for this holiday and all 9 will be required to get the meta achievement and glory. There's no holiday boss but this festival has long been the perfect chance to level your cooking skills! Two of the achievements require you to cook all 5 of the Pilgrim's Bounty dishes so your first priority should be getting cooking to 280 on any character you want these achievements for.



It's as simple as it sounds. Sit yourself at a Bountiful Table, found outside any of the faction capitals. There must be another player sat at the same table. Target them (this bit is important) and then 'pass' any of the foodstuffs to them. Do this a few times and you'll get your achievement. 

Now We're Cookin'

You'll need to cook each of the following dishes (requirement in brackets):

All ingredients can be bought from Pilgrim's Bounty Vendors near the feast areas but some can only be bought in one city (see Pilgrim's Progress for locations). You'll be cooking these dishes for the daily quests so consider it a bonus!

Pilgrim's Progress

For this achievement you need to complete each of the Pilgrim's Bounty dailies at least once. You see? Two achievements for the price of one, my friends. The dailies are:

The main ingredient for 4 dishes can only be bought/hunted in one zone:
  • Pumpkins (Stormwind/Tirisfal Glades)
  • Cranberries (Ironforge/Orgrimmar)
  • Potatoes (Darnassus/Thunder Bluff)
  • Turkeys (hunted in Elwynn Forest/Tirisfal Glades)

    Possible Alliance order: Buy pumpkins in SW. Take to DS, hand in quest. Buy sweet potatoes there. Take back to SW, hand in potatoes then hunt turkeys. Take these to Ironforge, hand in turkeys and stuffing, buy cranberries. Take these to SW, hand in and finish.

    Possible Horde order: Hunt turkeys and buy pumpkins in TG. Take to OG, hand in turkey quest and buy cranberries, also do stuffings quest. Take pumpkins to TB, hand in pumpkin quest and buy sweet potatoes. Go back to TG (via OG if easier), hand in the cranberry and sweet potato quests.

    Pilgrim's Paunch

    Simply acquire the Spirit of Sharing buff from each of your 4 faction capitals. This means you stuff your virtual face with each of the 5 foods at a table and are rewarded with a 10% reputation gain buff for 1 hour. Make sure you do FOOD FIGHT! while you're sat at one of the tables. I would space completion out to give yourself a full 4 hours worth of the buff - I'll pick mine up just prior to raids and other reputation-granting activities throughout the holiday!

    Pilgrim's Peril

    I know what you're thinking. Peril? Peril?! They've all been very peaceful so far but true to form, you're getting sent into enemy territory. Not to bring back crucial information or assassinate a key leader - to sit at their feast tables in your finest attire. That'll learn 'em.
    The daily quests (which you have to complete for Pilgrim's Progress anyway) each reward a choice of items. Make sure that you take at least one of the following:
    • Pilgrim's Dress
    • Pilgrim's Robe
    • Pilgrim's Attire
    Put your chosen finery on and visit each of the 4 enemy faction capitals. You only have to sit in a chair to meet the achievement criteria so it's ok if you die immediately afterwards.

    Sharing is Caring

    Rest easy, fellow feasters. After the stress of taunting the enemy at their own feast tables we're back to something easier. Simply pass one of each dish at one of your Bountiful Tables to pick this one up.

    Terokkar Turkey Time

    You're likely feeling a little full right now. Let's walk (or fly) it off with a journey to Outland! Head for Sethekk Halls, the dungeon in the east side of Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest. It's a 69-72 dungeon on normal so take the necessary amount of friends for your level. You must defeat Talon King Ikiss, the last boss of the dungeon, whilst wearing two items of festival clothing:
    • Pilgrim's Hat
    • Pilgrim's Dress/Robe/Attire
    Since you already needed the second part for Pilgrim's Peril this isn't a big ask. If you can, run this dungeon in heroic mode so you also get a chance to farm Anzu (a heroic-only boss) for the much-coveted Reins of the Raven Lord. 

    The Turkinator

    For this one, you must kill 40 Wild Turkeys without dropping your stacks of the buff this gives you. This achievement is a little bit of an RNG-game but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Alliance routes that seem to work well are to run a circle around Eastvale Logging Camp or Westbrook Garrison, both in Elwynn Forest. For the Horde it seems that the area south of the Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades is a good spot. (NB: Elwynn Forest/Tirisfal Glades are the spawn areas for the Wild Turkeys. Turkeys elsewhere like Fjord Turkey or Highlands Turkey don't count for this achievement).
    Instead of killing the turkeys as soon as you spot them, spend a few seconds locating the next one, and kill the one you're at just before the stacks drop. There is nothing worse than killing all the turkeys you can find and then failing while you futilely search for others - trust me on this, it's the reason I don't have it yet! Lastly, I've seen a quite a few people recommending Tracker Snacks and I'll be trying those out this year myself. 

    Turkey Lurkey 

    Lastly, the old favourite - finding race/class combinations to prank. For this festival the prank is turning them into turkeys using Turkey Shooters and it's happening to everyone's favourite class. Rogues! Here are the ones to look out for:
    • Human Rogue
    • Dwarf Rogue
    • Night Elf Rogue
    • Gnome Rogue
    • Troll Rogue
    • Orc Rogue
    • Undead Rogue
    • Blood Elf Rogue
    I'm hoping to get this by hovering around Stormwind and Orgrimmar as I do for other festivals but if pickings are slim I'll head into some battlegrounds and check out the opposition. The downside to this achievement is that the Turkey Shooters are rewards from the dailies and each is single-use so you'll need 8 of them. A neutral faction capital was also a big help in the past. I'm interested to know which way people find this easiest so drop your stories into the comments if you'd like to!
    Tips so far: Rades suggests checking out the Molten Front daily quest hubs or the Firelands raid entrance as safer places for finding enemy rogues.


    • Level cooking to 280 or you won't be able to complete this meta. Now is a cheap and easy time to do it.
    • You'll need to do a minimum of 10 daily quests (and at least one of each) in order to complete all the achievements as you need 10 items from them: 8 Turkey Shooters, 1 Pilgrim's Hat and 1 Pilgrim's Dress/Robe/Attire.
    • Make sure you put your festival clothes on before starting any achievement runs or visiting any enemy tables!
    • Run Sethekk Halls on heroic if you can for a chance at Anzu's mount.

    Cooking Guide

    Follow this mini-guide for easy cooking success! Thrill even your enemies with the power of your tasty dishes!

    • Spice Bread Stuffing - make from 1-100
    • Pumpkin Pie - make from 100-160
    • Cranberry Chutney - make from 160-220
    • Candied Sweet Potato - make from 220-280
    • Slow-Roasted Turkey - make from 280 until it goes grey at 355.

    From 0-355 in one festival. That's time worth putting in. Pro tip: Tracker Snacks requires cooking 400 so you aren't far off that with this guide. If you can cook them it might be worth putting some on the AH in the early days but demand will drop off quite quickly.

    That's Pilgrim's Bounty! Let me know how you get on or if I can help you in any way. I'm Hellfire-EU (A) and can indeed cook Tracker Snacks if you need some ;)

    Good luck!

    There will be pictures here, I promise! Just waiting for the festival to start...*taps feet*

    November 15, 2011

    IntPiPoMo: Glitchness

    Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate has proposed International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo). The goal is to post 50 pictures during November - a picture is worth a thousand words, you know - which can include game screenshots or real-world pictures. Click here to see my other IntPiPoMo posts!

    I have an idea I need screenshots for and a buttload of chores to do this week. Disappointed in my flat for needing so much attention but it can't be helped. So today I present you with my favourite glitch shots! You might have noticed that my screenshots so far aren't carefully posed and edited. I hope you don't mind that - I'm enjoying sharing these archive shots while I collect some themed ones for later on.

    Campfires can use water-walking potions too, you know.

    Lagging a little as I flew into Grizzly Hills, there was about 10 seconds where there were shadows cast by no trees. I think it looks kind of beautiful and open regardless.

    All pictures hosted at

    November 14, 2011

    IntPiPoMo: Light

    Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate has proposed International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo). The goal is to post 50 pictures during November - a picture is worth a thousand words, you know - which can include game screenshots or real-world pictures. Click here to see my other IntPiPoMo posts!

    There are some beautiful moments I've experienced in-game when light has filtered in a certain way or it's just the right time of day for a beautiful sunset. I can never resist catching a snapshot.

    Green sky during flight, Feralas

    Worgen in front of stained glass window, Gilneas

    Therazane's Throne, Deepholm

    November 12, 2011

    IntPiPoMo: My guild is all grown-up!

    Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate has proposed International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo). The goal is to post 50 pictures during November - a picture is worth a thousand words, you know - which can include game screenshots or real-world pictures. Click here to see my other IntPiPoMo posts!

    This week got away from me, a little. Hectic evening schedules and no screenshots folder at work means that I've fallen behind! Four pictures posted when I should be on fourteen - have some extras today as an apology, if you will. This is the story of how my lovely guild has gone from a startup of 7 to the triple-figure guild with 10-man raiding roster that it is today :)

    We started Discombobulated not long after Cataclysm was released. All of the original 7 members were in the same guild previously and today 6 of those members still have active characters in the guild. This screenshot was taken after we finished the last heroic for our Cataclysm Dungeon Hero achievements on 24/03/11 after nights of learning, wiping and improving. Setesh, we still hate you!

    About a month later we found ourselves in Blackwing Descent, raiding for the very first time. It took us three nights to down Magmaw but I'll always remember how great it felt when he collapsed, vanquished, at our feet. Magmaw taught us a lot; the importance of placement (and what happened if you stood too far out!), how to watch the boss and stay ready for another event, switching targets, effective AoE usage, timing cooldowns, watching our feet for fire/bad stuff, clicking the Lightwell (seriously, just click the darn thing)...we've been building on the things we learnt during those first nights ever since.

    It took us about 3 months to take down all of the Tier 11 bosses and get our <Defender of the Shattered World> titles. By that point, we'd started Firelands and had been doing trash runs for upgrades, not to mention there had been huge T11 nerfs. That didn't take anything from it though - we had become the guild that could and we loved it!

    We downed 4 bosses in Firelands pre-nerf and 2 post-nerf. Majordomo Staghelm was a one-shot, something we were totally unprepared for! That aside, we were suddenly 6/7 while it was current content and it felt good. All that was between us and our first ever full tier clear was Ragnaros...and he's still there. It's the hardest, most demanding fight we've ever tackled together, as it should be. We've started to hit Phase 3 though and it's only a matter of time before we get that elusive kill. Keep an eye open for my victory post! ;)

    We'll get you yet, Firelord...

    November 07, 2011

    IntPiPoMo: Passing on a story

    Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate has proposed International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo). The goal is to post 50 pictures during November - a picture is worth a thousand words, you know - which can include game screenshots or real-world pictures. Click here to see my other IntPiPoMo posts!

    I've got some plans to travel Azeroth and show you pictures of my favourite places. There will be sweeping vistas, stunning views, scintillating sights! For now I'd like to show you all some treasured, unedited shots from my screenshots folder, both old and new.

    An Ogre caught dancing in Feralas! Would you believe it?

    Passing on the tale, a year later, to a new friend.

    Click to embiggen! See you tomorrow for two more.

    November 06, 2011


    With National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) upon us, a huge amount of people seem to have taken up the challenge. 50,000 words in a month! It's a crazy, brave thing to take on. You can find out more about it here.

    Now, I don't deal in words so when Angelya proposed International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo) I confess to a certain amount of relief! This is a challenge that I can tackle. The goal is to post 50 pictures during November - a picture is worth a thousand words, you know - which can include game screenshots or real-world pictures.

    Other IntPiPoMo participants so far:

    My pictures will likely be from WoW only and will be hosted on 25 days left, 50 pictures. I make that two per day so let's get started, shall we?

     Sunset flight over Wetlands

    Deathwing returns to Orsis

    October 12, 2011

    Aralosseien, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil

    We did it! My lovely guild spent the night charging foci and doing special fights with me, and now I have the [Branch of Nordrassil]. I wish the title was permanent! There's a little leaf that pulses at the neck too, clearly showing that this is meant for druids first and foremost (no bias, honest).

    Click to embiggen!

    I'll be writing up my legendary journey so far on Sunday, so that'll be up by next week!

    October 03, 2011

    Oh My, Kurenai

    Sometimes, I pick my next achievement grind purely for vanity reasons. I know, I're shocked, right? When I saw Melyanna of The Dreamy Druid on her new White War Talbuk, I was instantly smitten with that mount.

    I have killed so many goshdarned ogres. If I never see another ogre, I'll be happy! It was all worth it though, because today I reached Exalted with the Kurenai.

    Of course, motivation was easy to find when the Kurenai provide eight new mounts (taking me to 74/100 mounts for Mountain O' Mounts) and another tabard. My completionist tendencies are showing again, aren't they?

    If you're looking to reach Exalted with this faction, you'll want to do all quests that grant Kurenai reputation, which total ~15,000 and will save you a few hours of grinding later. There's a handy list of quests here. Pro tip: both the quests and the mobs will give rep right up to Exalted, so don't worry if you already have some Kurenai rep built up.

    Start at Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh, home to a small group of Kurenai that are strengthening ties with the draenei at Telredor. You start at unfriendly with this faction but they will allow you chances to prove your worth, as part of the Alliance the draenei belong to. Take all the quests that Ikuti gives you, as well as the 'Wanted' poster quest. When you reach neutral, Puluu and Maktu will also have quests for you.

    Once you've completed the quests at Orebor Harborage, head to Nagrand and the Kurenai settlement of Telaar. Most of the quests you need to do start here but there are two exceptions. The first starts with a frustrating Kurenai child named Corki who's trapped in a cage at the Burning Blade Ruins. Apparently he doesn't learn anything from this incident - you have to rescue him three times and I guarantee that you'll be tempted to leave him in the cage by the third! The second is an escort quest starting at Sunspring Post. It appears when you reach Honoured and all you have to do is escort the captive to the main road, fending off the usual ambushes.

    As you travel around killing ogres and such, you'll be getting small amounts of rep per mob (10-11 depending on your guild perks) and picking up Obsidium Warbeads. There is a repeatable quest to turn in 10 of these warbeads for 500-550 rep! Thank goodness for that. I gave myself a break from ogre-killing by heading back to Telaar every 50 or so to hand them in and see how much closer I got. Mostly I killed ogres at Northwind or Southwind Cleft, doing a loop round the outside ones and then clearing the caves. They'd respawned by the time I finished the circuit and I never had to travel elsewhere to find mobs.

    So another reputation at exalted and one step closer to getting 'the Diplomat' as a title. I'm already 2/21k Revered with Sporeggar and 1/12k Honoured with Timbermaw, so I think I'll finish grinding Sporeggar rep soon. It would net me a Tiny Sporebat, another tabard and another alchemy recipe, after all...

    Edit: A massive thanks to WoW Insider for linking me! As I don't play Horde*, I completely neglected to mention the Horde equivalent, The Mag'har. A list of their rep-granting quests can be found here. You'd slay ogres for rep and warbeads in the same way (granting the same rep) and they will reward you with exactly the same talbuks! Happy hunting!

    *Except the odd blood elf alt. What? They're the prettiest!

    September 28, 2011

    Patch 4.3 Achievements (Or, The Darkmoon Timesink)

    Just a quick roundup of the new achievements datamined from the PTR:

    Darkmoon Faire
    Blastenheimer Bullseye
    Come One, Come All!
    Darkmoon Defender
    Darkmoon Despoiler
    Darkmoon Dominator
    Darkmoon Duelist
    Darkmoon Dungeoneer
    Faire Favors
    Fairgoer's Feast
    I Was Promised a Pony 
    Quick Shot
    Step Right Up
    Taking the Show on the Road
    The Darkmoon Faire Timesink arrives in patch 4.3 - I wouldn't rule out a meta achievement at this early stage. Call it a hunch but I also think that the cannon achievement will require more skill than luck. Darn it.

    Dragon Soul/New 5-mans
    Minutes to Midnight
    Moon Guard
    That's Not Canon!
    It's hard to know much about getting these until the NPCs and their abilities get datamined out, or people report from the PTR. I'm hoping to get some PTR time in next week so in the name of SCIENCE I will investigate!

    Lunar Festival
    Elders of Cataclysm
    That's 9 more elders to find! I have my work cut out finishing this meta when January arrives.

    Midsummer Fire Festival
    Extinguishing the Cataclysm
    Extinguishing Northrend
    Flame Warden of Cataclysm
    Flame Warden of Northrend
    All the bonfires could already be found in game (see here for co-ordinates), but didn't have any related achievements this year. Looks like next year I'll be doing them again for the points!

    Winter Veil
    A-Caroling We Will Go
    We get to go caroling? I'm kind of excited, even if my thanks comes in the form of certain death. It looks like the sweater will be our under-the-tree present for 2011 but don't panic, carolers! Winter Veil will run from 15th December right through till 2nd January. Plenty of time to go regale the Horde (or Alliance, if you're so inclined) with our melodious tunes.

    Feats of Strength
    Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater (2011 Winter Veil Present)
    MiniZep Controller (2010 Winter Veil Present)
    Red Rider Air Rifle (2009 Winter Veil Present)
    Vicious Gladiator (Season 9 Arena Title)
    Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake (Season 9 Mount)

    So there are 215 new achievement points up for grabs. This is just the start of datamining efforts and I expect we'll see a lot more uncovered as the PTR goes on. I'll be keeping this list updated and current as they appear so let me know if I've missed a new one at any point and I'll send you virtual cookies. They're absolutely 100% as tasty as real ones, if not better!

    September 20, 2011

    Brewfest Update

    Due to the arduous few weeks spent moving flats (we're done now, thankfully!), work commitments and the arrival of my new nephew, I haven't had time to write a Brewfest guide.

    Look at him! There's no way I could get a guide written!
    I'm a bit sad that it hasn't happened this year, but there are some great guides out there if you're looking for help:

    Brewfest Guide at Wowhead
    The Overachiever: Guide to Brewfest at WoW Insider
    Brewfest Guide at Icy Veins

    Do you know of any other great guides? Drop me a comment below, or catch me via email/Twitter and let me know. If I'm not going to write my own, I can at least round up all the fantastic guides out there for you to read! As always I'm happy to answer any questions I can :)

    September 17, 2011

    Frostcake the Death Knight

    I made a Forsaken Death Knight called Frostcake on EU-Draenor (it's a PvE realm) as chosen by Twitter polls a few days ago. Thanks to all of you who voted! She'll be taking up mining and engineering (goggles are awesome) and I'll be asking Twitter to make some levelling decisions for me (potentially risky but more fun). It's about time I stopped making Alliance alts with full heirlooms and ready supplies of gold!

    Ready to go!

    September 14, 2011

    The Nerfbat Is Not My Biggest Worry

    This week, Blizzard announced that they would be nerfing Tier 12 content soon:
    With the final showdown against Deathwing approaching, we’ve been keeping a close eye on players’ progress through the current Firelands raid content. Before patch 4.3 is released, we want groups who are working on Heroic-difficulty content to be able to get as close to Ragnaros as possible, and we want players who are tackling normal progression to be able to experience as many of the encounters as they can. To achieve these goals, we’ll be toning down the difficulty of both normal and Heroic raids through hotfixes in the coming weeks. In general, we plan to reduce health and damage of all raid bosses in both normal and Heroic Firelands by around the same percentage we brought difficulty down for the original Cataclysm raids when Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2) was released.
    We’re looking forward to seeing more groups of players face off against the firelord in the weeks ahead. However, before we make these changes, we want to give everyone a final shot at the bosses at their current difficulty level — so this is a heads up that we’re planning to apply the difficulty hotfixes beginning the week of September 19.
    Stay tuned to the Patch 4.2 Hotfixes blog for these and other live updates to the game as they happen.
    Surprisingly (to me as well) this really got my back up. So humour me while I try to get my thoughts out in a coherent way.

    My guild started raiding during this expansion. We've always been late to start - Tier 11 in May, Tier 12 in July - but we've not regretted that for a moment. Raid nights are a social thing, a chance to do our best and down some bosses in the hopes of seeing all the content. We finished Tier 11 while progression guilds were starting Firelands but for each of the 5 bosses we downed post-nerf, we felt we could have cleared them without nerfs if we'd started sooner and had more time.

    For Tier 12 we started late again as we were still finishing Tier 11, trying to get people head and shoulder tokens to gear up for Firelands. Our guild is 4/7 now, our last kill being Baleroc. That fight was beyond us the week before but we chained Zulroics, got whatever extra gear we could, fiddled with reforging and even made the leap to getting potions for everyone to pre-pot. Lower those eyebrows, progression raiders! Pre-potting was never necessary before! The next time we went to Baleroc we got him down. It took all of us to collectively push the limits of our gear and skill to get it but I honestly believe it was the best kill we've ever made. As a raid team we're starting to believe that we have what it takes to clear full, current raids and it's a great feeling.

    None of us had foreseen nerfs while the content was still current though. We were sure that we could get to Ragnaros and kick his ass before Tier 13 hit. We have the dedication, skill, and patience but we just need a few more weeks of gear upgrades. Unless we get Alysrazor this week, we're left with the knowledge that those last three bosses will be post-nerf. I'm 100% sure that we could do it pre-nerf, if we had the rest of this tier to do it. Now we may never know.

    Only Blizzard know how these hotfixes will be implemented. There's no clear statement to go on, only small clues:
    "through hotfixes in the coming weeks"
    which suggest a gradual change.

    There's another option, in that case - one that doesn't involve nerfing bosses. Jasyla's post over at Cannot Be Tamed was a timely reminder that a previous method of making the raid content more accessible was introduced for Tier 10, the Icecrown Citadel raid. A 5% buff to player health, healing done and damage done was applied on March 2nd 2010, ramping up in 5% increments, with the final 30% buff coming into force on July 20th 2010. Admittedly, it's not likely that we have 5 months before 4.3 in which to mimic that idea but I honestly feel that this is a better solution than nerfing the bosses themselves. As Kurn says:
    " a buff situation like the ICC buff, the onus is on the players to step it up"
    I would prefer that. To kill the same boss as everyone else but to do it with a slight boost? Nothing wrong with that at all. It still requires you to have the skill and put the effort in. The element I like most about this method is that it would be optional. If you wanted to do the raid at full difficulty, you would simply turn it off. This solution seems perfect to me - a buff for players who were struggling (or had been too daunted to get started) and an option to do it a harder way for those who wanted to.

    The biggest part of the nerf issue this expansion (in my humble opinion) is the lack of options. There's no way to do it un-nerfed if you wish to. You're forced to take those nerfs that you might not need and finish current content without knowing how far you could have got unaided. I don't understand why they opted for boss nerfs instead of players buffs during Cataclysm but it's highly likely I'm missing something, as I wasn't raiding back in Wrath. I do think that the lack of choice is really, really frustrating to a large group of the playerbase though, in a time when many of them have been playing for a number of years. At a time when other MMOs (I'm looking at you, Rift) are on the market and WoW isn't the only option of its genre anymore.

    I understand accessibility, and I think it's great that people get to see content. At the same time I don't feel that this should come at the expense of those people who are already capable of seeing content as it is. Is it right to make it more fun for one group but less fun for another? I don't think it is. If Blizzard's goal is to get more people to Ragnaros is it really so crucial that this is done before the new raid even arrives? I don't think it is.

    I'm a newer player, and no changes or nerfs to the game have ever made me think of quitting. The nerfs are not my main worry, although you'd be forgiven for thinking that if you've got this far. I read a lot of blogs, and the frustration, bewilderment and resentment radiates from posts by people who care a lot about this game. It seems that Blizzard is making unpopular decisions lately and it's hard to keep believing that they're for any other reason than keeping those subscriber numbers high.

    I worry, because many of these recent decisions meant to increase accessibility are pushing away long-term players who bring a lot to the game and its community. These are the people I want to play this game with. This is the community I am happy to be making myself known in. As Oestrus said recently:
    "We are losing people... We’re saying goodbye to friendships and memories and ties that we have formed with one another.  It’s more than just lost revenue and subscription numbers... These people have names and they have made contributions to the game and to the community."
    If change after change drives these people away, people that write guides, theorycraft, share their advice and speak out for their class, the whole game will be poorer for it. Blizzard needs to find a way to improve the accessibility of content without taking some of the fun away for others and it needs to think about this sooner rather than later.

    Brewfest Guide in the works!

    Just a quick snippet of an update. I am planning to put together a Brewfest Guide for this year! It'll probably be this weekend once I've finished moving house. If you want a run-through of how to complete this meta (interspersed with my inner monologue) then check back in a few days!

    September 12, 2011

    Hunt for Tier Gear: Week 3

    Ok, so doing a post per tier, per week? A silly idea. One of you could have said something...honestly! *tuts* idea scrapped! I think a weekly ramble about what I've looted is quite enough.

    This afternoon I went with two guildies, shaman and priest, to vanquish bosses in Blackwing Lair & Molten Core. Not a single drop for me! I won a couple of nice-looking cloaks though, and there was also a quest to hand Nefarian's head in to Varian Wrynn. He seemed happy to take it, but the cleaning bill for my bag will be ridiculous.

    Interesting note. That yell that goes out across Stormwind all the time, about mighty allies and defeating Nefarian? Turns out it's for that old quest in Blackwing Lair...not for defeating heroic mode T11 Nefarian like I thought...

    Yep, I'm a noobcake.

    We popped over to Outland too and ran Gruul & Magtheridon's Lairs. Karma was on my side after the lack of druid drops earlier, because I won a shoulder token. Which means...

    Tier 4, baby! I like it even more now I've seen it in the flesh. There's a good chance I'll be transmogrifying to this set and some matching items when 4.3 hits.

    September 05, 2011

    Hunt for Tier Gear: Tier 4, Week 1

    Tier 4 tokens drop from three different raids:
    Head: Prince Malchezaar, Karazhan
    Shoulders: Maulgar, Gruul's Lair
    Chest: Magtheridon, Magtheridon's Lair
    Hands: The Curator, Karazhan
    Legs: Gruul, Gruul's Lair

    The Tier 4 druid set for balance is the Malorne Regalia:
    Courtesy of Wowpedia
    I like the pale colours of this set, and the blue on the shoulders. It's a little unusual as druid tier sets go!

    Last week one of my guildies put out a call in gchat for people to run Karazhan and for once, I wasn't busy. A chance at two Tier 4 tokens? Sign me up! I've also wanted to see inside Karazhan for ages because everyone who played in TBC times (no exceptions) absolutely raves about that raid. We did it with three of us - balance druid, blood DK and resto shaman. The chess event was an education for a first-timer like me! It's a beautiful place and I can imagine some fights were great fun back in the day.

    Tier 4 tokens drop from three different raids:
    Head: Prince Malchezaar, Karazhan
    Shoulders: Maulgar, Gruul's Lair
    Chest: Magtheridon, Magtheridon's Lair
    Hands: The Curator, Karazhan
    Legs: Gruul, Gruul's Lair

    I was lucky enough to get both the tier tokens from Karazhan, as there's no Tier 4 for Death Knights! I figured that since we were on a roll, we'd go and do Gruul's Lair too. For that we had four of us - balance druid, resto shaman, unholy DK and shadow priest. I missed out on the shoulder token but won the leg token there. At that point, 3 pieces out of 5 felt pretty good! I persuaded the DK and priest to join me in Magtheridon's Lair, where I proceeded to pull a complete Leeroy and trap our priest outside the room...


    Watching a DK solo Magtheridon slowly down through 3M HP was a hilarious experience, but I'll be waiting until we're all ready next time! Our priest scored a really pretty staff and passed the chest token to me in return, so that was 4 pieces out of 5 in a couple of hours. I'll be heading back to Gruul's Lair this week to try and pick up that shoulder token - it would be my first complete Tier set from the days of yore :D

    Guys, go hunting for this older gear if you like the look of it. It's not hard to get your hands on and there are plenty of laughs to be had if you take some friends! Have you been back to any of the Tier 4 raids yet?

    August 29, 2011

    Hunt for Tier Gear: Tier 1, Week 2

    We frolicked through Molten Core again this week and I was lucky enough to pick up the Tier 1 hands and legs for my druid! 2 pieces down, 6 to go. I also managed to keep my pocket warrior happy with another two pieces of his Tier 1 set. Clicky on this link to see the full list of what dropped for us this week. We've decided to stockpile the materials that we're looting in an alt bank so that we can craft older epics for ourselves or guildmates once 4.3 hits - there is some great-looking craftable gear which still needs these older components.

    Have you been running Molten Core at all, or any of the older raid content? Have you had any luck with drops yet? Let me know below!

    August 25, 2011

    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! Or, How I Handled Many Whelps

    I was frolicking through UBRS the other day, attuning myself to the Orb of Command so I could get into Blackwing Lair quicker to farm my Tier 2 pieces. (Pro tip: attuning yourself and then trying to get friends in via Have Group, Will Travel does not work. It looks like you all have to be attuned to use the Orb. Can anyone confirm/deny this?)

    Of course, I found myself in The Rookery and just couldn't resist the lure of a new title! My memory is clouded by the haze of recklessness that descended, but I believe it went roughly like this:

    Kill patrols. Go Bear Form, trample all the eggs. Realise that there are many, many whelps. Panic slightly. Shift into Moonkin form, hit Barkskin, Starfall + Hurricane. Flail wildly at the many whelps that aren't dead. Drink a health potion, Hurricane and cross fingers. Get achievement! Breathe large sigh of relief.

    Did you pick up this title on purpose, or did you stumble into doing it accidentally like I did?

    August 20, 2011

    Hunt for Tier Gear: Tier 1

    Welcome to the first installment of 'Hunt for Tier Gear'! I had this idea a few days before the patch 4.3 announcements, after picking up T11 shoulders for my druid (finally!) and the T11 helm for my paladin. Getting these highly visible bits of tier gear was immensely satisfying - I felt like I had something to show for my efforts that couldn't be bought with VPs. I started looking up old druid tier sets and put together a plan of action to farm them, from Tier 1 right through to Tier 10. Such a big list, with so many notes - heaven!

    The patch 4.3 news and the announcement of Transmogrification, accompanied by 80 slots of Void Storage, put an end to any restraining concerns of space and also gave me a good kick up the behind to get started.

    Each 'Hunt' I start will be updated when I run the relevant content but there will links on the 'Gear Hunt' page at the top of the blog. I'd like to give other gear-hunters an idea of how long it might take because this is new ground for me, and doubtless will be for other people who started playing in WotLK or Cataclysm. I'll list the tier items that dropped each week and there'll also be a running total of materials which dropped for me - you could either hoard these for crafting professions (as I will) or sell them to fund your fashion needs!

    Let's begin the Hunt for Tier 1! The Cenarion Raiment isn't widely adored by players, but I really like it. All the pieces drop in Molten Core - the belt and bracers as BoE from any mob, the rest from bosses. Ragnaros drops Tier 2 legs, but no Tier 1 pieces. Whilst running Molten Core, you gain Hydraxian Waterlords reputation (trash rep from Neutral to Revered, boss rep from Neutral to Exalted).

    There are also two (yes, two!) legendary weapons connected to Molten Core:

    [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]
    [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]

    I'll be writing mini guides on how to obtain these soon.

    Week 1 rundown:

    Molten Core is ridiculously easy to clear. I think any class is capable of soloing it now but for fun I got my partner to bring his warrior. If you've never been to Molten Core, Ragnaros is still pretty imposing! He managed to kill my meatshield warrior with a huge knockback and the resulting fall damage, so if you eat a Hand of Ragnaros you might have a corpse run on your hands.
    No druid tier gear dropped this week, but the warrior tier pieces have bought me company for future runs!

    Materials looted in Molten Core after 2 weeks:

    [Elemental Fire] x 56
    [Elemental Earth] x3
    [Heart of Fire] x 37
    [Core of Earth] x 16
    [Essence of Fire] x 36
    [Essence of Earth] x 12
    [Blood of the Mountain] x 1
    [Lava Core] x 19
    [Fiery Core] x 14 

    Week 1 drops:

    Hunter - wrists, gloves, legs, feet
    Mage - shoulders
    Paladin - head, chest, wrists
    Priest - chest, hands
    Rogue - legs, legs (Tier 2)
    Shaman - legs (Tier 2)
    Warrior - shoulders, hands

    Week 2 drops:

    Druid - hands, legs
    Mage - shoulders
    Paladin - hands
    Priest - shoulders, chest, bracers, feet
    Rogue - legs
    Shaman - feet
    Warlock - legs (Tier 2)
    Warrior - chest, legs

    August 18, 2011


    By now, you've all heard about patch 4.3 and the new features it's adding to the game. A raid with Deathwing in and some new 5-mans - no more trollroics? YES! - is definitely exciting. Personally, the thing I'm most excited about is Transmogrification - the ability to give your existing gear the outward appearance of other gear you own, as long as it's the same armor class or weapon type. This heralds an end to uniform appearance at certain levels and will allow those of us who like the look of older/lower-level gear to customise our outfits! The addition of Void Storage, 80 slots of extra non-bank space for your armor and weapons, is the icing on the cake.

    You might think I'd be quite bitter about this, as I spend most of my active time in giant laser chicken form. I won't deny that it took a little of the sparkle out of the news, but I spend all my downtime out of form. Seriously, the moment my UI reloads after a hearth? POOF, night elf again. So you won't find me kvetching about the change.

    What you will find soon is the first post in my 'Hunt for Tier Gear' series. I'm planning to make my way through old content, starting right back in Molten Core and collecting as many of the old druid tier sets as I can. I'll be detailing which pieces make up each tier along with where they drop or where to buy them from. For those of you who multi-task on everything in WoW (we are many, and I salute you) I'll also note if there is a reputation you can grind at the same time, any achievements you could pick up and details of the legendaries you could obtain!

    First up will be Tier 1, which drops from bosses in Molten Core. It's certainly a quicker way to see Ragnaros nowadays!

    June 19, 2011

    Midsummer Fire Festival 2011

    A fiery halo! That makes the whole festival worth it, in my book.

    There hasn’t been a post on this blog for a while now. I will apologise for the break – I’ve been powerlevelling a holy paladin for my guild and after some drama we’re back into raiding, so time has been shorter lately. The good news is that the paladin is 85 & gearing up, and we’re 7/12 in three weeks!

    So the sun is out, the shops are full of summer goods and I’m drinking way too much lemonade. More importantly, the Midsummer Fire Festival is starting on 21st June and I’m getting fired up for the bonfire bonanza! In case it’ll help you get one meta closer to What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, here’s my guide. I’ll be updating everything as I do it, although I’m going to Glastonbury this year so I’ll have to work super hard to complete this when I get back!

    Achievements needed for the meta:

    [Burning Blossoms needed for achievements: 405-435 (see below)]

    The Fires of Azeroth and Desecration of the Alliance/Horde

    Update: I used the 2011 Wowhead guide co-ordinates to get me started, so the location credit goes to them. However, ~6 were wrong where updates are still being made to their data, so these co-ordinates are ones I've visited and double-checked myself! My route is from an Alliance perspective so may not be as convenient for Horde players - sorry!

    Eastern Kingdoms:

    The Cape of Stranglethorn
    East of Booty Bay
    51, 67
    The Cape of Stranglethorn
    East of Booty Bay
    50, 70
    Northern Stranglethorn
    Fort Livingston
    51, 63
    Northern Stranglethorn
    Grom’gol Base Camp
    40, 51
    45, 62
    73, 55
    Blasted Lands
    Nethergarde Keep
    55, 15
    Blasted Lands
    Dreadmaul Hold
    46, 14
    Swamp of Sorrows
    70, 14
    Swamp of Sorrows
    76, 14
    Redridge Mountains
    24, 53
    Burning Steppes
    Morgan’s Vigil
    68, 60
    Burning Steppes
    Flame Crest
    51, 29
    Dragon’s Mouth
    19, 56
    New Kargath
    24, 37
    Loch Modan
    32, 40
    Dun Morogh
    54, 45
    Menethil Harbor
    13, 47
    Twilight Highlands
    47, 28
    Twilight Highlands
    53, 46
    Arathi Highlands
    Refuge Pointe
    44, 46
    Arathi Highlands
    69, 42
    Revantusk Village
    76, 74
    Aerie Peak
    14, 50
    Hillsbrad Foothills
    Tarren Mill
    55, 50
    The Sepulcher
    Silverpine Forest
    50, 39
    Tirisfal Glades
    The Undercity
    68, 9
    Tirisfal Glades
    57, 52
    Western Plaguelands
    Chillwind Camp
    43, 82
    46, 26
    Eversong Woods
    North Sanctum
    46, 50
    Eversong Woods
    Silvermoon City (Court of the Sun)
    70, 43


    Bloodmyst Isle
    Blood Watch
    55, 69
    Azuremyst Isle
    Azure Watch
    44, 53
    55, 53
    49, 23
    61, 47
    58, 47
    Mount Hyjal
    63, 23
    Bilgewater Harbor
    60, 53
    Orgrimmar (Valley of Wisdom)
    47, 38
    Razor Hill
    52, 47
    Northern Barrens
    The Crossroads
    50, 55
    Silverwind Refuge
    51, 66
    Forest Song
    87, 42
    Stonetalon Mountains
    Mirkfallon Lake
    49, 51
    Stonetalon Mountains
    Sun Rock Retreat
    53, 62
    Nijel’s Point
    65, 17
    Shadowprey Village
    26, 76
    Thunder Bluff (Spirit Rise)
    21, 26
    Bloodhoof Village
    52, 59
    Camp Mojache
    72, 47
    Feathermoon Stronghold
    47, 44
    Southern Barrens
    Fort Triumph
    48, 72
    Southern Barrens
    Desolation Hold
    41, 68
    Dustwallow Marsh
    Brackenwell Village
    33, 30
    Dustwallow Marsh
    Theramore Isle
    62, 40
    52, 29
    49, 27
    Un’Goro Crater
    Marshal’s Stand
    60, 63
    Un’Goro Crater
    Marshal’s Stand
    56, 66
    Cenarion Hold
    60, 33
    Cenarion Hold
    51, 41


    Hellfire Peninsula
    57, 41
    Hellfire Peninsula
    Honor Hold
    62, 58
    Shadowmoon Valley
    Wildhammer Stronghold
    40, 55
    Shadowmoon Valley
    Shadowmoon Village
    33, 30
    Terokkar Forest
    Allerian Stronghold
    55, 55
    Terokkar Forest
    Stonebreaker Hold
    52, 43
    50, 70
    51, 34
    36, 52
    69, 52
    Blade’s Edge Mountains
    42, 66
    Blade’s Edge Mountains
    Thunderlord Stronghold
    50, 59
    Area 52
    31, 63
    Area 52
    32, 68
    There are 3 new Earthen Ring bonfires which are neutral and award 15 Burning Blossoms. One is in Mount Hyjal and is part of the Eastern Kingdoms route above. The other two are in:
    Vashj'ir, Silver Tide Hollow (49, 42)
    Deepholm, Temple of Earth (49, 51)

    I've found some bonfires in my travels that aren't part of the achievements but will still give the same rewards. These were in:
    Elwynn Forest, Goldshire
    Tirisfal Glades, The Bulwark
    Uldum, Ramkahen (one for each faction)

    There may be others! Let me know if you find any.

    Northrend: These aren’t part of any achievements but will get you extra experience/gold/blossoms.

    Borean Tundra
    Fizzcrank Airstrip
    55, 20
    Borean Tundra
    Bor'gorok Outpost
    51, 12
    Sholazar Basin
    River's Heart
    47, 66
    Sholazar Basin
    River's Heart
    47, 62
    Agmar's Hammer
    39, 48
    Wintergarde Keep
    75, 44
    Crystalsong Forest
    Windrunner's Overlook
    78, 75
    Crystalsong Forest
    Sunreaver's Command
    80, 53
    The Storm Peaks
    42, 87
    The Storm Peaks
    40, 86
    The Argent Stand
    41, 61
    The Argent Stand
    43, 71
    Grizzly Hills
    Amberpine Lodge
    34, 61
    Grizzly Hills
    Conquest Hold
    19, 61
    Howling Fjord
    Fort Wildervar
    58, 16
    Howling Fjord
    Camp Winterhoof
    48, 13

    Ice the Frost Lord

    You will need to be 84+ to queue for this holiday boss via the LFD finder. The first time you defeat Ahune each day you will get a Satchel of Chilled Goods, which will reward a guaranteed 24 justice points and a chance at:

    Ice Chip (gives you Frigid Frostling)
    Some Burning Blossoms

    There are 5 cloaks that could also drop. These have been upgraded to ilvl 353 (equivalent to epics from Zul’Aman/Zul’Gurub):

    Currently there’s nothing to suggest that these couldn’t drop too:

    The first time you defeat this boss you should receive Shard of Ahune, which starts a quest rewarding one of two tabards. It seems that players who completed this quest before 2009 will not see this item drop, but you can restore the tabard at a tabard vendor if you’ve deleted it (these can be found in the Visitor’s Centre of most cities).
    CONFIRMED: It is possible to choose one tabard, equip it, delete it and then restore the other option at the tabard NPC. Once you have equipped that, both will count towards the 25 Tabards achievement! I have just done this successfully :D so delete with an easy mind!

    King of the Fire Festival

    You get this achievement by completing the quest A Thief’s Reward. This involves (you already guessed this was coming, I’m sure) going into each of the 4 enemy capitals and stealing their flames. I know you’re too awesome to be put off by that though. Old World Flying will make this much easier than in previous years so find their fire, fly straight down and steal the flames.
    You might die, it's true, but as long as you take their precious flames, it matters not! If you do I'd advise taking the rez sickness, going to find yourself some pie to eat and doing the next one later. I’ll probably do mine early in the morning (6-7am) before work. Pie is a valid breakfast food too, you know.

    Burning Hot Pole Dance [requires 400 Burning Blossoms]

    For this achievement you need the completed Midsummer Set. This will set you back 400 Burning Blossoms, so get honouring/desecrating those fires! Luckily you’ll be doing that anyway if you want the holiday meta. The good news is that you can collect ~800 blossoms during the holiday so it’ll definitely be possible to buy all 3 parts. Equip them and dance round a ribbon pole for 60 seconds. Voila!

    Torch Juggler [requires 5-35 Burning Blossoms]

    Juggle 40 torches in Dalaran. Sounds simple…but you have to complete the Torch Tossing and Torch Catching quests first.
    The most sensible-sounding tip I’ve found is to set your camera distance to maximum (type /console cameraDistanceMax 50 into your chat window) and point it downwards in ‘never adjust’ mode. Follow the shadow and be underneath it when it lands. This is really hard, and took me a lot of tries (plus some generous cussing). The first torch will always go straight behind you and quite a few yards, but torches 2-4 won't go far - the trick is spotting which way they go and getting there in time!

    If you're stuck on this, I'd recommend Rades' awesome guide to catching torches!
    So, you've done the quests and you’re ready to go! A little bit of research on the interwebs has turned up the following strategy for this achievement:
    Find a minimal-lag spot in Dalaran. Point the camera straight down, zoomed out. Bind the torches to a hotkey and target the ground under your feet. You should be able to alternate hotkey-click-hotkey-click, catching each torch as it lands.
    UPDATE: Use the Purple Parlor! I never got below 11 torches out of 20 in my bags, so try everything with 10 first. This is down to lag, ultimately. I found that consciously alternating key-click-key-click made the process too slow. In the end, I just hit hotkey and clicked at the same time, as fast as possible! So try that first, ok? Because you don't want the air at your desk to be as blue as mine was before I thought of doing that...
    They reappear in your bags when caught so many report doing this with as few as 10 torches and I think that would be possible. You earn 5 by doing the Torch Catching quest and stacks of 5 torches can be bought for 5 Burning Blossoms. Don't forget that you should have 20 from the Shards of Ahune quest too! (These didn't drop for me - let me know if they did for you). Alternatively you can buy them on the AH as they don’t become soulbound. Let me know how many you needed to do it! I suspect I'll need the full 40 ^.^ (thankfully not!)

    That's it! Hopefully you found something helpful in here if you were working towards any of this meta. As always, corrections/suggestions/general comments are welcome and will be edited in as soon as I can!

    Good luck!