The Blog

Welcome! I started writing Achievements Ahoy as an outlet for my constant achievement hunting, and also for those people out there who also over-plan their achievements. At least, I hope there are people like me out there! This blog is about my adventures in World of Warcraft so it'll sometimes be about alting or game changes that I find especially exciting.

The Author

In the real world, I'm a twentysomething who likes working in the bubble of University administration. I live in Leeds, England with my partner (pocket tank). We've been playing since January 2010, but took half a year to hit level 80 on our first characters (sloooow). Since then I've enjoyed endgame content in Wrath and Cataclysm, and have been raiding since Cataclysm hit with Aralosseien and now Luíseach. When I'm not playing WoW, I like to read webcomics, watch anime, craft and drink a lot of tea. You can find me at http://sugarysnarks.tumblr.com/ for non-WoW stuffs!

My Characters

Aralosseien (85 Balance/Resto Druid)
My oldest and 'main' character. I'm especially attached to Ara and would never be able to switch mains, even if I could transfer my achievements!

Luíseach (85 Holy/Ret Paladin)
My only max-level alt, Luíseach is a welcome break from moonkin form - it's nice to see your armor for once! She's also healed a lot of Tier 11 and a bit of T12 giving me my healing confidence back after my worries earlier this year. For T13, she has stepped up to heal for our 10-man raid team.

Morríghan (80 Blood Death Knight)
Morríghan is a flower-picking Death Knight, but don't be fooled. She will smash your face right into the ground those flowers just vacated.

Shiden (50 Elemental/Resto Shaman)

Wildlight (28 Holy Priest)
I play Alliance on Hellfire-EU and I also have lower level alts scattered across both factions and a few servers. All my Alliance characters on Hellfire are in the level 25 guild, Discombobulated. If any Hellfire or EU players are looking for a laid-back home Alliance-side, for any level of character, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.