July 09, 2013

Fanciful Wishlist: In-Game Store Edition

Hey there! It's been a while, eh? Don't know if I'll ever manage to keep this blog regular again - what's the equivalent of fibre for blogs? - but I've spent all day being flippant about the possible 5.4 in-game store announcement for (only) the Asian region and affectionately overpredicting the coming apocalypse. Long sentences are the best.

Anyway, I got to thinking about what I'd want to see in the in-game store if it could be free of consequences or unfairness for others and came up with this wishlist of really cool things*

1) Armor dyes

I don't think this will be a surprise to anyone. Transmogrification is brilliant but sometimes what I want to do is take [Stormrider's Shoulderwraps] and dye them white, you know? It's not particularly immersion-breaking either, as all 4 types of armor are shown in a variety of colours already. If you follow the route other MMOs have taken you can incorporate the manufacture of some dyes into a profession to provide options in and out of the in-game shop. Herbalists making dyes would be pretty cool and would bring new life to arguably the most boring profession this expansion.

2) Weapon dyes

Similarly, being able to change the colour of our weapon blades or components would be amazing. You can bet your last country-specific mid-value currency I'd have a light blue sword blade if I was playing a frost mage, black daggers for a rogue, or that I'd switch up [Damnation] to be white with gold accents for my priest.

3) Runic blades/enchantment overlays/animated effects for weapons

Moving runes, yes please! Mogging your favourite enchant effects or adding the dynamic effects (rocks/petals/leaves) seen on some weapons to your current ones would be great. Some of the effects in game are fantastic and it's always a shame to lose the look of them when the game moves on.

4) Invisible belt/other slots that effectively hide that slot

Last in the mogging area, this is something that's been on people's minds for a while. Give us item skins like [Sandrene's Invisible Vest] that were allowed for mogging and extended to slots like shoulders, belts, bracers, gloves...it would allow for some fantastically coordinated mogs.

5) Hooded cloaks

Nothing deep behind this, I just want cool hooded cloaks so I can look like a badass.

6) Pet reskins

Lots of pets have more than one skin already so I would want more skins for my pets. A purple Minfernal instead of a green one! A choice of metal skins for my mechanical pets! More fur colours for beasts and critters!

7) 10 Imperial Silkworms = 1 Imperial Moth

Seriously, I am swimming in [Imperial Silkworms] nowadays. How about a way to trade the more common procs for their rarer counterparts for pets and Darkmoon Faire hand-ins? We can already trade a Bundle of Groceries made out of excess cooking ingredients in for an Ironpaw token, which can they be used to buy a sack of other ingredients at Halfhill Market. More of these trade opportunities, please!

At this point I ran out of ideas that could reasonably be sold within the current game and started veering into the territory of new things the game could contain, like visible quivers for hunters - how cool would those be - so I asked the twitter hivemind what they would like to see in the in-game store in this hypothetical scenario:

  • Additional void storage slots
  • Armor dyes - a lot of people mentioned this!
  • Leather red Defias Mask
  • Hats - agreed
  • Belt/gloves/bracers hiding items - it's not just me!
  • Wand that zaps griefers back to PvP servers
  • Alexstrasza's cloak - also agreed, there are never enough cloak options and that one is so nice
  • Rare pets/mounts - if we can get them from the BMAH instead of farming, that same list of hard-to-find drops should be available in the store, frankly
  • If WoW went F2P accounts, for the store to contain all the things that subbed accounts continued to get without paying any extra
  • Gnome paladins - agreed, as long as gnome druids were a thing too
  • Purchaseable levels - probably the biggest idea anyone replied with
  • Profession boosts

It's really interesting to see what other players would like to see change in WoW! So I put it to you -  what would you want in an in-game store if it was free of consequences or unfairness for others? 

Big thanks to Wowhead and the Mogit addon for help finding the items I've linked to!

*Your opinion may vary from that of the author.


  1. Oh my lord, a post! Hello Ara!
    I like your ideas for ingame stuff. I've been wondering what I would get/want... but still I dunno. It would probably be pretty clothes! :D

    1. A comment! *squees* hey Navi! Yeah, most of my wishes are clothes-related. Not sure if a game will ever have enough customisation for me!