November 06, 2011


With National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) upon us, a huge amount of people seem to have taken up the challenge. 50,000 words in a month! It's a crazy, brave thing to take on. You can find out more about it here.

Now, I don't deal in words so when Angelya proposed International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo) I confess to a certain amount of relief! This is a challenge that I can tackle. The goal is to post 50 pictures during November - a picture is worth a thousand words, you know - which can include game screenshots or real-world pictures.

Other IntPiPoMo participants so far:

My pictures will likely be from WoW only and will be hosted on 25 days left, 50 pictures. I make that two per day so let's get started, shall we?

 Sunset flight over Wetlands

Deathwing returns to Orsis


  1. What a great start so far! Thanks for joining in :)

  2. Oh I have never thought to take pics after Deathwing flies thru, great idea and look forward to seeing your pics.

  3. Thanks Angelya!

    Hey Navimie, thank you! <3

  4. Ah, cool! Wasn't sure what the NaNoW.. Huh?.. actually was. However, this seems like a good way to get involved!

    May just join myself,

    - Jamin

  5. Love the one of you flying, it combines two of my favourite things, sunlight and the Wetlands.

  6. Beautiful! I love sunset screenies!

  7. Ah Jamin, you definitely should!

    Thanks Erinys and group5gal, it's an old screenshot from 2010 that I'm very fond of :)