October 12, 2011

Aralosseien, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil

We did it! My lovely guild spent the night charging foci and doing special fights with me, and now I have the [Branch of Nordrassil]. I wish the title was permanent! There's a little leaf that pulses at the neck too, clearly showing that this is meant for druids first and foremost (no bias, honest).

Click to embiggen!

I'll be writing up my legendary journey so far on Sunday, so that'll be up by next week!


  1. Wow, congrats to you and your guild :D

    That title is completely awesome... it's not permanent? :(

  2. Thanks both! It's such a great title, especially for a druid, but you only get it for two hours after completing the event :(

    But! I ran flowery circles around everyone in Stormwind for a bit :D

  3. Gratz! :D

    I love the title, such a shame that you don't get to keep it!