September 12, 2011

Hunt for Tier Gear: Week 3

Ok, so doing a post per tier, per week? A silly idea. One of you could have said something...honestly! *tuts* idea scrapped! I think a weekly ramble about what I've looted is quite enough.

This afternoon I went with two guildies, shaman and priest, to vanquish bosses in Blackwing Lair & Molten Core. Not a single drop for me! I won a couple of nice-looking cloaks though, and there was also a quest to hand Nefarian's head in to Varian Wrynn. He seemed happy to take it, but the cleaning bill for my bag will be ridiculous.

Interesting note. That yell that goes out across Stormwind all the time, about mighty allies and defeating Nefarian? Turns out it's for that old quest in Blackwing Lair...not for defeating heroic mode T11 Nefarian like I thought...

Yep, I'm a noobcake.

We popped over to Outland too and ran Gruul & Magtheridon's Lairs. Karma was on my side after the lack of druid drops earlier, because I won a shoulder token. Which means...

Tier 4, baby! I like it even more now I've seen it in the flesh. There's a good chance I'll be transmogrifying to this set and some matching items when 4.3 hits.


  1. Your first paragraph made me laugh. Sometime we don't realise. Nothing stopping you/us from changing though is there :)

    Very nice shot,

    - Jamin

  2. Grats on getting all the tier 4! I'm hoping to pick up some tier 5 this week... managed to pick up a few bits of t1 from a molten core run already :) This gear collecting business is addictive >.>

  3. @Jamin - Yeah, I had a bit too grand an idea for the time and effort I'd put in :) you learn though. Thank you!

    @Angelya - Thanks! I think I got very lucky with it being a 5-piece set. I've started badgering the mister to run me through things and I think he's realised this will take a while ^.^