September 20, 2011

Brewfest Update

Due to the arduous few weeks spent moving flats (we're done now, thankfully!), work commitments and the arrival of my new nephew, I haven't had time to write a Brewfest guide.

Look at him! There's no way I could get a guide written!
I'm a bit sad that it hasn't happened this year, but there are some great guides out there if you're looking for help:

Brewfest Guide at Wowhead
The Overachiever: Guide to Brewfest at WoW Insider
Brewfest Guide at Icy Veins

Do you know of any other great guides? Drop me a comment below, or catch me via email/Twitter and let me know. If I'm not going to write my own, I can at least round up all the fantastic guides out there for you to read! As always I'm happy to answer any questions I can :)


  1. Aaww.. he's so cute!

    I got a little nephew myself about month and a half ago, it's so much fun, isn't it? (And extra good because once they start screaming/need a diaper change you can return them to their parents! :P )

  2. They are so much fun! All cute and warm and cuddly. It's definitely nice to have occasional contact rather than my own right now :D

  3. The babies are invading the blogosphere right now!?! But.. Oo.. How cute XD

    Don't worry yourself about not getting a post out. The blog's still here, as are we!

    - Jamin