May 14, 2012

Week 18: Some [Rare Enthusiasm] appears!

Super brief update!
  • Wildlight is now 48
  • Leatherworking is now at 525
Well. I said I'd lost my levelling drive, and then I went ahead and added another 8 levels to my priest. I deserve some kind of high five. I've been running lots of dungeons with my partner's dwarf resto shaman and it's been good fun. What I wouldn't give for an AoE attack though - Mind Flay gets pretty boring sometimes.

I even hit 525 leatherworking without buying any more leathers! I don't know if I'll buy the 359 epic patterns because I'm not likely to make them, so it's all a bit anticlimactic. The silver lining is that I have a leatherworker ready for Mists so I can at least make the new epics for Ara when I'm frantically gearing for Tier 14.

Ok that's literally all the news, and I can't imagine you want a picture of Wildlight in the same heirlooms with a different belt and gloves. Until next week!


  1. I love pics! More pics Ara!

  2. *High Five on the levels.
    I like pics too but it was ok this time as it was a short post :)

    1. Duly noted! I think I have underestimated the need for pictures ^.^