May 08, 2012

The Newbie Blogger Initiative 2012

Just a quick post to let you know about the Newbie Blogger Initiative started up by Syp of Bio Break! It's a one-month event that I'm signing up for because I think my post/month count is just over one.

I started Achievements Ahoy on a pretty big whim. I thought about the name, and what kind of area to post about, but I've never really laid proper foundations. This shows through in my patchy posting ;) but aside from myself there are over 70 blogs participating - seriously, some really big names are on board for this - and we'll each be writing a post with some advice for new bloggers. If you write a blog and haven't signed up it's not too late! Head over to the forums and check-in as a sponsor blog.

The point of the Newbie Blogger Initiative is to get people blogging, even if they're as unsure of their direction as I was (and still am some days!). The worst that happens is you abandon it a little way down the road and I'll bet good gold that you don't - I bet that you find ideas, things to write about, readers who comment on your posts and a whole new community waiting for you to jump in. If you don't write a blog but are thinking about starting one you could do a whole lot worse than heading to the forums and checking in as a newbie blogger.

Be brave, and good luck!

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  1. Shame its about gaming otherwise I'd of got involved I don't blog enough about games though that is the problem. Good luck with the project though