February 05, 2012

Week 4: Lunar Lunacy

I've not got a lot of Bucket List progress under my belt this week because I had Lunar Festival to finish up. The good news is that it's done, so only one part of Love is in the Air to go and I'll get my Violet Proto-Drake!

What's changed:
  • Morríghan went from 80 to 81, finally!
  • Wildlight went from 26 to 28 with a little boosting, also getting Enchanting to 225
  • Luíseach finally maxed out Blacksmithing!
  • Aralosseien got to 7495 achievement points
I actually finished level 80 by mining ore for raid gear gems. I don't really enjoy questing on Morríghan but she's darn efficient with a sword and it could be a lot worse.

Wildlight is stuck at 225 Enchanting now (until she hits level 35) so I'll probably send Morríghan off to mine some low-level ores and work on Engineering until it's at 225 as well.

The Darkmoon Faire is an absolute lifesaver if you're levelling professions. You can do the profession quests once per month and you get 5 skillups for very little effort. At the higher levels of professions, you're saving a lot of materials to do it this way (it would have taken 60 Elementium Bars otherwise to finish Blacksmithing) so all my professioned alts will be visiting the fair sometime next week.

Not a big week, and finding the five Horde race/class combos I need for Fistful of Love will take up some more time, but hopefully I can crack on with the levelling once that's finished!


  1. Not a big week?! You definitely got a lot more accomplished than me! (I haven't been able to play lately. It's probably been a week or so since I've logged in). So keep celebrating your accomplishments! :D Keep it up!