June 05, 2012

Weeks 19 - 21: Mogging Heirlooms and Hellfire Peninsula (again)

Three weeks since the last update, huh? You'd think I was slacking or something but that isn't it at all. I've been...uh...saving the world. Yep. You wouldn't believe what nearly happened and how many marshmallows I had to eat to prevent it.

Quick update:
  • Wildlight is now 61
  • Enchanting is at 375
  • Engineering is at 265
  • Inscription is at 201

Wildlight has been getting a lot of time recently as I've been running dungeons with my boyfriend's alt which makes it less tiresome. Shadow is still a fun spec for boss fights but I'm getting pretty bored of Mind Flay followed by more Mind Flay. I have noticed that I'm getting to 3 orbs quicker now so it might be looking up, but I'm still wishing for an AoE attack (and to be honest, slightly concerned that I have might have one but not know about it because it seems like such a massive hole in my toolkit?)

About mid-50s I took Discipline as my second spec and have healed a few dungeons! It's pretty good fun - dropping a shield with a heal attached is a big improvement, and Divine Aegis is great - so I'll try to heal some dungeons every few levels and slowly cement my basic Disc knowledge ready for hitting 85. I made the mistake of never playing as a Resto shaman on Shiden and now I'm too chicken to heal on her without a full guild group :( but that's for another day.

The best thing about levelling my priest was picking up some really nice quest rewards and having a sudden inspiration to mog my entire outfit around them. Sure, it's just what I had in the bank so it's not perfect, but it's making me happy to log on and level her now she's wearing a pretty outfit!

If you're interested, the visible pieces:
Head - Vishas' Hood
Shoulders - Karna's Poncho
Chest - Xakxak's Lab Frock
Hands - Frostweave Gloves
Waist - Dawnspire Cord
Feet - you can't see them on Draenei but you might have to experiment on other races to find a match.

On the professions side of things I finally made the effort to level them a bit. Enchanting is now at the Infinite Dust stage so I'll be collecting materials whilst I'm in the 60-70 bracket before I buy anything extra. I have a fair amount stashed away so hopefully it won't cost me too much! Engineering is on the back burner until I can be bothered to go and mine up lots of Thorium on my gathering alt and Inscription is likewise in need of some herbs. If only I wasn't so lazy! The Darkmoon Faire is on this week though so I've grabbed 5 points in all three professions and saved myself another chunk of materials, so it could be worse.

That's about it for now! I have a few days off this week and I'm hoping to powerlevel Wildlight into Northrend at the very least (dungeons until 62 because I refuse to quest through Hellfire Peninsula again), so we'll see how that goes.

If you have a pre-Mists list, how is it going? Have you met some/all of your goals yet? I'd love to know :)


  1. You can ... Mog ... Heirlooms?

    1. You can! I'm wearing the head, shoulder, cloak and chest heirlooms there, and the staff is the heirloom one too :)

      Unless you mean can you mog heirlooms onto ordinary gear, which is a no, sadly.

    2. I just died of happiness a little. I had NO idea you could mog Heirlooms! THANKS :D

  2. I made a bucket list after I saw yours (and some other people's) and it's been a lot of fun! I'm far from done, but I've made some good progress in the last couple weeks. There's some stuff that I know for a fact I won't be done with Before MoP, but it's ok. I'll have to add them to my future "Things to do in MoP" bucket list!

    1. I'm so glad :D I'll be following along from now on! I purposefully put the disclaimer in for mine that it would become a 'by the end of 2012' list if I didn't finish it, for precisely that reason ;)

  3. Go Go Ara!

    I've finally decided to see if i can find a transmog set for my main. I've never really bothered. Coming from RP realms, I've always gone and collected sets my toons like to wear. I've TM'd my rogue main's PvE gear into full tier 2 as I had it, but just use my costume macros for other toons as thy potter round town. Maybe at 90 I'll sort it out - not exactly flushed with gold for all the void storage, etc.

    Hmmmm as for things I'm trying to achieve... I hit 10,000 cheevo points on Rioriel in the week, that was a goal of sorts. I've a priest sat at 80 that I'd like to get to 85 before Pandaria launches, but not sure I can bear that journey a fifth time in eighteen months. Not just yet.

    Maybe some mindless archaeology, Rio's got the second title, so I can work towards Professor. 4 rares to go, I think. Funny, I've got alts of each class, and I'm still happiest pottering about on Rio doing nothing of great significance. And I DO genuinely love questing.

    Not sure how this will change when achievements go account-wide, but with Pet Battles, I can see Rioriel being THE COLLECTOR™ and doing all them too. I've even told my guild I'll make another toon my "raiding main" and level/gear her first because I can then take my time doing ALL THE QUESTS AND PETS AND REP AND STUFF on Rioriel in my own sweet, spare, solo time. FOREVER.

    So excited.

    1. Transmogrification:




    2. Congrats on 10k cheevo points! :o I won't have the time to hit that for a while now. What got you it?

      Completely with you on the 80-85 journey. I'd love to just dungeon through it but it's not really feasible and I don't want to do any of the zones again at the moment. I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it...

      I'm pretty much happy to grind old reps and dailies on Ara, truth be told, but I've always wanted more classes at max level and more professions so I could be self-sufficient. It's hard to balance, but seeing as I hit 9k cheevo points I must be finding enough Ara time too :D

      Having a raid and cheevo toon is a great idea. Except Ara would be both for me. You wait, I'll be a broken husk of a player two months after launch, trying to gear and chase cheevos and do all the dailies!

      Also, Rio's outfit is my favourite :)

  4. Sorry to bug you as I am sure you get messsages like this all the time, but I was wondering if you could take a few minutes to watch this Wow video I made showing how to not play the game (comdedy). thanks, Sarkoth77. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLiNgXOcqKI&feature=plcp