June 12, 2011

WoW Blogging Challenge Day 07 - The reason behind your blog's name

This post is part of the WoW Blogging Challenge! Originally inspired by Saga at Spellbound. Reposted after the great Blogger post-swallowing event.


While I do wish there was a thrilling tale behind the name of my blog...there isn't. I know, I heard the /gasps from here!

I decided the word 'achievements' had to be in there somewhere, mainly so that people didn't get lost/confused and mistake me for a genuine class-related source of information.*

Then it was a choice: 'Achievements (insert word)' or '(insert word) achievements'? Yep, that's the limit of my creativity when it comes to names. It seemed snappier to keep it to two words in my defence!

I tend to append 'ahoy!' to words as a statement of fact or intent when I'm in a good mood...so that solved the problem really. I'm never in a bad mood when I'm hunting achievements (note that 'bad' is completely different from 'frustrated' in this context) and so it was decided:

Achievements Ahoy!

Happily I've not thought of changing it once - I think it's a keeper. Was yours a spur of the moment choice or a carefully brainstormed process?

*Never expect that from this blog! Try the ones on my blogroll ;)

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