May 02, 2011

Children's Week 2011

I haven't written a guide for this as I didn't attempt any of this meta last year. Instead I'd like to link you to some resources I found helpful:

WoW Insider - The Overachiever: Guide to Children's Week 2011 has all you need to know about where to obtain the items you'll need and how to complete each achievement.

Cynwise's Battlefield Manual - Cynwise has posted an excellent guide and tips regarding the School of Hard Knocks achievement. I rapidly discovered why this achievement is so widely loathed and this was a very useful resource!

I started working on this meta at 8pm yesterday and I finished it at 8pm today. Check out the above resources if you're stuck on anything and keep trying! It'll require a hefty amount of perseverance and a thick skin in battlegrounds (if you're in the Vindication (EU) battlegroup, you have my sympathy).

Good luck and remember: we're doing it for the kids.

P.S. I got myself two pets out of this holiday: Sleepy Willy and Scooter the Snail. Bonus! That takes my pet count up to 64/75. Getting there!


  1. The link to the School of Hard Knocks guide, which you had previously tweeted, was instrumental in my finishing this morning. I have to clean up a couple of the others but it's all downhill from here.

    I got really lucky in EOTS; I was following a guy who grabbed the flag, and escorted him back to a base, then he was just standing there. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was waiting for another tower or something so I asked him if I could get the achiebment. He said okay wait until I drop, a few seconds later he dropped and I didnt even know what to do with the flag, I ran into the tent. He said come here and stand on me and I capped. He didn't even /facepalm.

  2. Fantastic! That's the kind of person we needed more of this week and I'm glad you got that moment of non-facepalm kindness.

    I hope nothing crazy happens to stop you getting the meta - good luck!